Il Consorzio Proambiente è uno dei 5 partner del progetto INFRASAFE, finanziato dal programma della Regione Emilia-Romagna POR-FESR 2014-2020 - Asse 1 Ricerca e Innovazione della Regione Emilia-Romagna. Il progetto si propone di sviluppare una piattaforma multidisciplinare per la fornitura alle imprese di tecnologie e know-how, per il monitoraggio e la gestione delle infrastrutture idrauliche e dei rischi ad esse connessi. Tale progetto si pone l’obiettivo di aumentare la competitività delle imprese locali sui mercati internazionali innalzandone le capacità progettuali nell’ambito delle opere idrauliche.

Tags: Monitoraggio Ambienti Acquatici

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Smart bLack carbon (BC) and polycyclic aromAtic hydrocarbons (PAHs) Monitor

SLAM Project will perform a market scan, related to the introduction of a new device to monitor, near-real time, two strategic components of atmospheric particles (PM), BC and PAHs, co-emitted from the same sources and with relevant global warming and human health effects. SLAM innovation idea is to provide online measurements of both BC and PAHs to identify their main sources and variability. All tricks in one small and low-cost product designed for unattended deployment and routine PM monitoring applications, that will allow European Municipalities and Environmental Agencies to assess risks of emission sources and vulnerability of different urban districts.

Progress & Outcomes: 

Ongoing. Started June 2016

  • Proambiente, Italy
  • City of Bologna, Italy
  • Pollution srl, Italy
  • Labservice srl, Italy

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Smart and Sustainable Restaurants in Europe: market opportunity pathfinder

Core focus of SSR-Agorà innovation idea consists in understanding if the scaling up of the Smart and Sustainable Offices-SSO approach to gastronomy facilities can be successful. SSO methodology is being developed by the flagship Climate KIC program “Building Technologies Accelerator-BTA which focuses on measurable CO2 reduction in the building technology market – including both refurbishment as well as new buildings, and it is specialized in the office building typology. BTA-SSO pursues this objective integrating climate change mitigation, resource efficiency, and the well-being of occupants, optimizing the indoor environment. The SSR-AGORA proposes a similar approach but aims at expanding the market by exploring the gastronomy facility sector, specifically the restaurant/canteen typology, which has relevant socio-economic impacts in Europe as well as its different and specific user and market needs.

Progress & Outcomes: 

The project lead PROAMBIENTE, will lead a survey to be carried out in 3 countries reaching potential final users of the SSR system, i.e. restaurant owners, to understand their interest in such a service that refurbishes or designs the restaurant venues with an eye to the environment and one to the clients well-being. In Emilia-Romagna PROAMBIENTE has actively engaged with the business partner CAMST.


• Proambiente S.c.r.l., RIC Emilia-Romagna, project lead
• IVE, Istituto Valenciano de la Edificiacion, RIC Valencia
• Chalmers UNiversity, CLC Nordic


Claudio Carbone
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