SLAM (Climate KIC Pathfinder Project, 2016)

SLAM Project will perform a market scan, related to the introduction of a new device to monitor, near-real time, two strategic components of atmospheric particles (PM), BC and PAHs, co-emitted from the same sources and with relevant global warming and human health effects.

 SLAM innovation idea is to provide online measurements of both BC and PAHs to identify their main sources and variability. All tricks in one small and low-cost product designed for unattended deployment and routine PM monitoring applications, that will allow European Municipalities and Environmental Agencies to assess risks of emission sources and vulnerability of different urban districts.


Coordinator: Proambiente S.C.r.l.

Partners: City of Bologna, Pollution srl, Labservice srl

Duration: June 2016 - Dicember 2016 (6 mounth)

Contact: Sandro Fuzzi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monitoraggio Atmosfera, Project Management