Proambiente is partner of the INFRASAFE Project, funded by Emilia-Romagna’s POR-FESR 2014-2020 program. The project aims to develop a multidisciplinary platform to provide technologies and know-how to companies for the monitoring and management of hydraulic infrastructures and related hazards.


In areas affected by hydrological instability, such as landslides, floods, bridges and banks collapses along rivers, it is necessary to better describe the dynamics of events and provide quickly alerts to reduce the risks and mitigate their effects. Two river sites in Emilia-Romagna region have been selected as a case of study. During the project the bridges that cross them, river levee and river currents will be monitored in continuous way or at time interval. The riverbed morphology, the speed and the solid transport, the stiffness and the slow movements of the bridges, the humidity and the water potential will be evaluated. In addition the cavity and subsidence of the embankment will be identified. INFRASAFE project will develop a warning system that, through real time processing of received messages of the subsystems monitored, it will report any alert and the origin of criticality. The system, designed in the form of Decision Support System (DSS), will be validated in the later stages of the project.  The DSS will be made available to the interested stakeholders at the end of the project.

Duration: marzo 2016- marzo 2018 (24 mesi)

Funding: Total = 1.122.220 €; E-R funding =  799.940€

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Monitoraggio Ambienti Acquatici