TAO (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

The TAO project, in the frame of the program POR-FESR 2014-2020 of the Emilia-Romagna Region, aims to develop smart technologies for monitoring coastlines, focusing its activities in the shore sector delimited by the maximum rise of the waves to the depth of closure, i.e., the maximum water depth with active interaction between waves and the seafloor. Main goals are investigating causes of coastal erosion and effectiveness of coastal defense structures.
The project combines 5 public technological transfer laboratories and 4 private companies in a public-private partnership. The Project TAO main objective is to develop a smart, low cost and low environmental impact technological platform composed of fixed and mobile stations for monitoring supra and sub littoral zones. It will be made by a set of ad-hoc developed instruments collecting morpho-batymetric, reflectivity and stratigraphic data for 3D modeling sediment transport and erosion at the seafloor and sub seafloor. The developed technologies will also allow to collect water samples, coastline images and, through the analysis of biotic and abiotic multi-proxies, to carry out environmental status assessments.

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BiophotOmics (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

The BiophotOmics project (Development and validation of a portable medical device based on bio-photonic imaging integrated with testing methodology LIPID-OMICA) aims at developing an innovative medical device based on two concepts:
a) photonic technology – fabricating a portable bio-photonic device equipped with a dedicated software for dark-field hyper-spectral microscopy analysis of specific samples (blood drops) and
b) innovative testing based on bio-photonic technology for integrated hyper-spectral analysis of fatty acids of cellular membranes as innovative global health marker.

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Due to the increase in the demand for animal proteins and the need to identify sources alternative to the GM soybeans imported for the production of feed, the POR-FESR FLIES4VALUE project (Insects for the bioconversion of agri-food by-products into animal feed and high added-value substances) will create an economic, efficient, competitive and low-impact system to enhance the waste of regional agri-food industries.

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CO2 Lab è un laboratorio di misura della CO2 in ambienti indoor dedicato alla scuola secondaria superiore. Il percorso combina elementi di qualità dell’aria e sostenibilità dei dispositivi elettronici con making e competenze digitali.

Il progetto CO2 Lab si svolge su tre linee di attività principali:
1. Attività teorica: comprendere il significato della concentrazione di CO2 in ambiente come indicatore della salubrità degli ambienti, con particolare riferimento alla diffusione del Coronavirus
2. Attività “maker”: assemblare una mini-stazione per la misura in tempo reale della CO2 con componentistica commerciale a basso costo
3. Attività educativa: riutilizzo di vecchio hardware (smartphone) in un’ottica di economia circolare, con particolare riferimento alla problematica dell’obsolescenza programmata


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VALUE CE-IN (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

Funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the POR-FESR project Value CE-IN (EVALUATION OF REFUE WATERS AND SLUDGE IN CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS) is coordinated by ENEA and includes as partners: Proambiente Scrl (CNR Technopole), Universities of Bologna and Ferrara, Politecnico of Milan and the companies Hera, Caviro Distilleries, Agrosistemi, Irritec, Alga & Zyme Factory and Promosagri. The target is the creation of hi-tech solutions, innovative biotechnologies and new business models to enhance the purification chain of municipal and industrial wastewater as a whole, according to the principles of circular economy.

Trattamento Acque, POR-FESR 2014-2020, Emilia-Romagna

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