Project MEMS-GC

MEMS-GC Project aims at developing an advanced MEMS-based technology allowing the fabrication of “lab-on-a-chip” systems for gas-chromatographic analysis. A great advantage of such a “general purpose” technological platform lies in its modularity; for this reason, the proposed solution is suitable for a huge number of applicative scenarios.

The target of the Project is to demonstrate the efficiency of this technology, developing and fabricating an “ad-hoc” prototype of gas-chromatographic system for the analysis of BIOGAS/BIOMETHANE. The peculiarity of the system is given by the interconnection of the single components of the analytical module (injector, separation column and detector) through an INNOVATIVE PNEUMATICAL MANIFOLD. This solution allows to overcome the typical constrains represented by the use of conventional interconnection capillaries and fillets (fragility, high thermal sensitivity, dead volumes, assembly) and will permit the implementation of more sensitive, compact, robust, accurate and low-cost analyzers         

Duration: 2017/01/01 – 2018/06/30 (18 months).

Budget: Overall = 379.928 €. Regional funding = 203.222 €.

Monitoraggio Atmosfera, Sviluppo Strumenti e Sensori