Modular systems for Air Quality and indoor comfort

Proambiente designs and develops advanced systems for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and environmental comfort monitoring.
Our platforms integrate an open source smart unit with commercial and custom (MEMS developed in collaboration with CNR-IMM) sensors.

 The electronic and mechanical parts are developed ad hoc for modular integration, from fluidics (air IN / OUT, sensor sampling chamber, zero generator) to temperature control.
Platforms implement our web services for:
1. Report data in real time from PCs, tablets and smartphones;
2. Check the station remotely;
3. On-board data processing algorithms.

Different versions of Integrated Systems and sensors:
- Indoor Base (T, RH%, total VOC, CO2)
- Indoor Plus (T, RH%, total VOC, CO2, NOx, CO, O2, O3)
- Farming Base (T, RH%, CO2, NH3, H2S)
Other optional sensors: BTEX, Black Carbon, Particulate Matter (PM), noise, lighting.

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