OpenSwap – aquatic surface robot for geophysical monitoring

OPENSWAP ( is the last of the autonomous surface vehicles for geophysical monitoring developed by Proambiente Scrl. 

OpenSWAP system is based on open source platforms and is designed for geophysical monitoring of aquatic environments. It consists of a small plastic catamaran with electric propulsion, modular and easily transportable. The basic equipment includes a GPS positioning system  (2,5m HDOP) with double antenna for true heading, an autonomous navigation system with integrated inertial sensors, a precision single beam sonar with seabed recognition function and seg-y file records, an external video camera and numerous digital inputs. and analogue auxiliaries on the internal electronic board. This last feature, combined with the versatility of the frame made up of aluminum profiles, allows simple interfacing with numerous instruments (e.g. side scan sonar, multi-parametric probes, sub-bottom profiler, multi-beam echo sounder), commercial and non-commercial, offering the possibility to expand the equipment already supplied.

Download this file (OpenSWAP-DataSheet.pdf)Datasheet OPENSwap[ ]2925 kB

Monitoraggio Ambienti Acquatici, Sviluppo Strumenti e Sensori