Atmosphere monitoring

Proambiente has the skills to characterize the atmospheric chemical-physical composition and structure in various environments, through different observational techniques (in-situ, satellite remote sensing and ground remote sensing).

 Atmospheric monitoring activities include the ad-hoc evaluation of the most suitable experimental approaches to improve the understanding of the sources and processes that regulate the gaseous and particulate air pollutants levels in densely populated areas, including large urban areas and industrial installations. Moreover, these activities represent a support for decision-makers, in order to establish intervention strategies and promote adequate air quality improvement programs, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

A further goal is the technological and infrastructural development in support of climate-environmental monitoring activities, by means of fixed stations or using mobile platforms that may require the implementation and development of special sensors and instrumentation.

Proambiente established collaborations with important international research groups, environmental agencies, private companies involved in the evaluation of changes in the composition of the atmosphere and their interaction with air quality, health and climate.