PSR - SOS Frutta

The PSR “SOS Frutta” (Environmentally friendly innovative crop protection strategies, residual mixtures management and updates on water needs for sustainable fruit production) funded by PSR Emilia-Romagna, articulated and detailed as it is, is the backbone of the production of pome and stone fruits in integrated and organic farming.


The success achieved at the end of the production season is the sum of actions that intersect each other and reflecting products delivered to consumer.
Today it is a priority to be able to manage among a plant protection handbook increasingly lightweight, old and new phytosanitary problems but even more aggressive and an increasing demanding consumers that require more and more safety products with low residues and organic. It is objective of this work to pursue all that. In particular tuning of strategies and/or substances able to reduce residues, as well as to produce fruits only with natural extracts to control efficiently pests and diseases. The success to reach these results is possible by the daily work of a large amount of farmers and technicians working together for the promotion of innovation. This is necessary to answer to requirements listed above. Therefore it is a common thread, of all the work presented, verify tools capable to solve the specific plant health problems, allows to reduce the levels of chemical residues in fruits, or allows organic production respectively to safeguard the integrity of the productions. When the activity is not directly involved in the sphere of plant protection, it is addressed to manage properly the use of water and to improve irrigation efficiency. Contribution to manage water resource also includes the evaluation to reuse water applied to clean the instruments used to spray trees for plant protection within farm.

Duration: 15 April 2016 – 14 April 2018
Total cost = 365.233,51 €, PSR funding = 328.660,56 €.

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