Project PSR: Gas Free Hens

The Project intends to quantify the decrease of ammonia emissions that could be obtained in some innovative typologies of non-cage systems for laying hens. Going into details, two different case studies will be considered:

- the first one consists of a single-level aviary system (in a shed) where the hens faeces, responsible of ammonia emissions, accumulate on the ground floor while a longitudinal ventilation system provides to their drying.

- the second one consists of a multi-level aviary system for hens housing, equipped with an external drying tunnel (Manure Drying System - MDS). Ammonia emissions can be further decreased by adopting proper feeding strategies based on the use of food characterized by antioxidant properties.

In addition to the quantification of ammonia emissions decrease, a further goal of the project is to consider the possibility to include the first typology into the BATs (Best Available Techniques), reported in the IRPP BREF 2017.          

Duration: 2017/08/01 – 2020/07/31 (36 months)

Budget: Overall = 198.919 €. Regional Funding = 178.916 €.


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