AOIS – Hyperspectral chamber with tunable acousto-optical filter

AOIS – Acoustic-Optical Imaging Spectrometer - is a new hyper-spectral instrument developed by Proambiente, capable of obtaining simultaneous spectral-spatial information to investigate wide areas. The AOIS system allows sequential acquisitions of an object at different wavelengths. The series of frames form a hyper-spectral cube, in which x and y axes represent the observed scenario, while the depth z represents the wavelength. From the analysis of the hyper-spectral cube, it is possible to obtain the high resolution spectrum of each point (pixel) of the observed area.

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IRRAOP - System for the degradation of pesticide residues

IRRAOP - System for the degradation of pesticide residues used in agricultural crops. The residues of pesticides used in agriculture remain in the bottom of the spray tank at the end of the periodic agricultural lands treatments. Moreover, these residues are often spilled directly on the ground by means of an illegal and dangerous (since it creates puntiform pollution) practice, unfortunately widespread.

Trattamento Acque, Sistemi per l'agricoltura

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