The range of tools provided

Proambiente features a wide range of tools thanks to:
- its partners, in particular CNR, who make them available for the activities of the Technopole and the High Technology Network;
- activities of the Consortium that develops new instrumentation;
- direct purchase by the Consortium, using internal funds or thanks to the support of the POR-FESR 2007-2013 programme.
These instruments are available for research / development of innovative systems and services (through agreements with the Consortium) or for external hire, with and without operator, depending on instruments’ availability.

Examples of instrumentation are listed below:

Scanning Electron Microscope - ESEM

Scanning Electron Microscope - ESEM

Proambiente has an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (E-SEM) capable of operating in low vacuum conditions, close to atmospheric pressure and / or with humidity (environmental conditions) in the chamber.

Laser Scanner - 3D FARO

Laser Scanner - 3D FARO

The Laser scanner (Model FARO Focus3D X 330) allows rapid and high-precision 3D field measurements of complex objects and buildings.

Multiparameter CTD probe - SBE19

The multi-parameter probe (Model SBE 19 V2) makes possible to carry out acquisitions - in real-time or by internal recording - of the main hydrographic parameters on the water column up to 600m depth.

ROV BlueRobotics


The ROV (Blue ROV2 model, Bluerobotics) is a small-sized remotely controlled submarine with 6 engines, characterized by high static stability and high manoeuvrability.

Sub-Bottom Profiler - BENTHOS

The Sub Bottom Profiler (Model BENTHOS CHIRP-II) allows the acquisition of high-resolution seismic profiles of the bottoms (silty / clay) in aquatic environments. The system works with a Chirp pulse with adjustable frequency (2 Ă· 7 kHz) and is controlled by an acquisition software (SwanPro by Communication Technology).

Underwater acoustic modems - Evologics

The underwater acoustic modems (Evologics Model S2CR 48/78) are equipped with an omnidirectional transducer and are devices for communication in shallow waters reverberating at high data transfer speeds (up to 31.2 Kbit / sec over a range of 1000 m). The high operation frequency of the systems ensures excellent performances even in noisy environments.