Fabrizio Del Bianco

posizione: R&D – Degree and PhD in Marine Geology
Mail: f.delbianco@consorzioproambiente.it
LinkedIn: https://it.linkedin.com/in/fabrizio-del-bianco-3475a6b0?trk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabrizioofwhite
Telefono: +39 051 639 9982
  • Prototyping and characterization of aquatic Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and geophysical instrumentation;
  • Prototyping of low-cost stations for environmental monitoring;
  • Geophysical surveys: planning of measurement campaigns, devices installation and data acquisition;
  • Study of sediment processes in marine environments;
  • High-resolution seismic and bathymetric data processing, in coastal and lagoon environments;
  • Cartography, GIS, GMT (Generic Mapping Tool), scripting (Unix, Perl, Awk, HTML);
  • Drafting of project proposals.