A great attention is focused on the environmental and territorial requalification, by means of techniques and solutions developed for the restoration of safe conditions about healthcare and environmental protection, focusing on sustainable technologies, Life Cycle Assessment and helping the industries to equip with advanced, innovative and efficient systems.

Technology Transfer

  • Sustainable and no-chlorine processes and plants aimed at re-using wastewater and sewage.
  • Instrumentation and methodologies for the application of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) in the civil, industrial and agricultural field of application, in order to favour the de-structuring and the mineralization of pollutants (pesticides, drugs and detergents) in wastewater. Electron Beam treatment systems used to purify big amounts of wastewater coming from the industries or the civil sector. Spectral and photometric analysis (UV-Vis), Total Organic Compounds (TOC) analysis, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) analysis, evaluation of processed water's toxicity.
  • Herbal remediation, mitigation and balance for pollutants and territorial degradation.
  • Filtration, sampling and classification systems for the analysis of environmental, indoor and industrial particulate matter.
  • Use of porous materials for aerosol filtration and systems adopted for the evaluation of filtration efficiency. Systems for the comparison of instrumentation devoted to particulate classification in size.