Advanced Oxydation Processes

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) for the restoration of waste water by means of ionizing and non-ionizing energy

Bottom Up Profiler

Innovative and bottom-anchored monitoring system for the acquisition of chemical-physical parameters along the water column


Fabrication of prototypes for environmental monitoring applications - Measurement of toxic pollutants in air (PAHs, Volatile Compounds)

Remote Sensing

Continuous and non-invasive air quality monitoring

Cultural Heritage

Integrated approaches involving innovative environmental monitoring strategies and development of non-destructive techniques for the suitable safeguard of cultural heritage


Aquatic drone for environmental monitoring equipped with sensors for the geophysical water-column and bottom inspection

PM Measurements

The Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor measures the chemical composition of the particulate matter and identifies the main pollution sources

Satellite Monitoring

Satellite monitoring of Emilia Romagna coastal marine environment and identification of indicator-thresholds for ecologically relevant emergencies

Solutions for visual impact

Methods dedicated to the insertion into the landscape of sustainable buildings with high visual impact and assessment of wind and local temperature effects