As far as cultural heritage maintenance is concerned, an increasing attention is focused on preventive protective measurements.

The artworks and art objects stored in indoor locations, like so outward monuments and archaeological sites, are exposed to various decay factors. For their safeguard it is important to favour the preventive activity, that is a set of measurements aimed at protecting the structures from potential damages.

Therefore, environmental conditions monitoring and study are fundamental requirements to identify the most effective strategies for the protection and preservation of cultural heritages.

Technology Transfer

  • Methods for monitoring the mainly critical microclimatic parameters in order to ensure the preservation of building materials (stones, cement, metals, wood, glass) and the preventive protection of cultural heritage.
  • Damage models capable to provide a quantitative and economic evaluation of the environment-material interaction effects on the decay of materials and structures, and to define the compatibility and the long-term duration of the materials employed in restoration and in building industry.
  • Non-disruptive, innovative and user-friendly instrumentation, technologies and facilities for continuous, real-time and non-invasive monitoring of the degradation caused by the impact of environmental and polluting parameters on the monuments.