Capital topics like global or local climate changes and their effects on territories, the impacts of anthropic activities and their influence on agricultural and forest systems represent key factors for Proambiente: to this purpose, the consortium has expertise on complex data management and processing referred to soil, plant life and fauna.

The mission of this sector is represented by

  • combining economic development and environmental conservation through impact decrease and resources' optimization
  • providing instruments for the increase of territorial value and the certification of vegetable matter quality and tests

Technology Transfer

  • Agricultural and forestry systems optimization, urban development planning by applying mathematical models to the agricultural farming and the ecosystems, aimed at reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Climate and weather analysis, and evaluation of global changes impact on agriculture, forests and citizenry.
  • Agricultural and weather forecasts.
  • Physiological and bio-chemical analysis of food quality.
  • Herbal purification and herbal remediation.
  • Methods for agricultural and weather zoning (GIS), technological and bio-chemical analysis, research activities on products and industry processes life-cycles (LCA), use of water resources.